"A Step by Step Guide on Creating & Scaling your Shopify Store to 6+ Figures"

Control your own Future


Just three years ago I was a regular freshman college kid studying business economics with no direction and a path set by my parents to work at a finance firm. I always heard, “get a good job and live a happy life.” that didn’t resonate within me and my perception of a happy life was to be able to do whatever I want whenever I want. My success in dropshipping was my escape from a dull 9-5 and has given me the freedom to travel the world while working remotely from my laptop.

What I will be teaching in my course are the identical strategies that I used and still currently use that allow me to test a product and scale it from zero to over $5,000 per day within weeks. There’s no B.S, this is my exact formula on how i’ve been able to achieve these results from A-Z.

I will also be showing you how to avoid some of the biggest mistakes that I made starting out as a dropshipper and advice that will be applied to personal and long term financial stability.

This course will save you years of experience and money that I had to go through to get to the point I am now. I will be sharing all my knowledge to ensure you minimize the possible mistakes that countless beginners make that leads many to lose motivation.

Course Curriculum

  • My unique product research method
  • Shopify Store assembly step by step
  • Essential Credit Card Info
  • Domain selection and integration
  • Best apps to use on your store
  • How to get your stores content
  • Setting up shipping and legal pages
  • Setting up payment providers
  • Online store and theme setup
  • FB page & business manager setup
  • Breakdown of facebook pixel
  • Scaling your Ads (lookalikes & retargeting)

What is the eCom Simulation?

The eCom Simulation is a complete beginners guide to starting a profitable dropshipping store from scratch. My set of product research and facebook ad strategies are so unique & effective such that you could go from no prior experience to making your first sale within days.
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Who is the course designed for?

I believe an entrepreneurial mindset isn’t something that is taught in school and therefore is never fully acquired until you experience it firsthand. I believe that the one and only way of succeeding in ecommerce is by understanding the fundamentals and strategy of what makes various stores profitable

That’s why I created the eCom Simulation to be geared towards people that have no prior experience and those that have failed in the past. Starting your ecommerce journey with a solid foundation of knowledge will allow you to build brands from ground level. Time is of the essence and ecommerce is the future so act on it while you can.

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Living In the Simulation


Ecommerce has given me the freedom to travel places and do things I could never imagine. Let’s face reality, no one wants a 9-5 job but many are afraid of taking the risks to get out of it. Finding success is about taking risks and the ones that are bold enough to try them have the last laugh. You have the capability of changing your lifestyle at a click of a button and it’s only your choice to pursue your journey to entering the Simulation. 


*Disclaimer: Andy and his students’ results are not ordinary. Both he and his students’ experiences are not a guarantee you will make money. You may be able to make more, less or the same amount.

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