Refund Policy

All sales are final. In the eCom Simulation I reveal sensitive data and information that can not be unseen/unlearned. This policy has been set in order to protect the intellectual property that is enclosed within the course.

Expiration Policy for 1-1 Session Calls

To ensure the highest value and relevance of our 1-1 session calls in the eCom Simulation, we have introduced an expiration policy. Any scheduled 1-1 sessions must be utilized within 3 months from the date of course enrollment or the last 1-1 session, whichever is later. If a period of 3 months elapses without a scheduled session, the entitlement to a 1-1 call will expire.

This policy is in place to encourage timely and effective use of the sessions and to maintain the currency of the information and strategies discussed. Please note, as with all aspects of the eCom Simulation, all sales are final. The sensitive data and proprietary information revealed during the course and in these sessions cannot be unseen or unlearned. This policy is a measure to protect the intellectual property enclosed within the course and to ensure the most impactful experience for all participants.