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1-on-1 Guidance on how to build a fully automated dropshipping store

(Without any prior experience)

How Does it Work?

My mentorship program was created to put people on the right track towards owning a fully automated shopify store that serves as a plateform to reaching financial stability. I provide my students with the necessary knowledge and consulting to begin progressing even within the first week of signing up.

What are the Advantages of getting a Custom-Built Store?

Benefit 1

Receive one-on-one help with me through live zoom or phone sessions where I break down the fundamental strategies you must perform in order to start seeing significant changes

Benefit 2

Gain access to my personal number to be able to ask questions to me whenever you have any inquiry about your ecommerce needs.

Benefit 3

Get a premium theme valued at ($180) that will help your store turn visitors into customers through a professional look

Benefit 4

I’ll essentially be your personal consultant throughout the duration of the mentorship meaning that I will ensure the quality of work you produce is set to a high standard and will not allow you to publish anything that I personally would not myself

What sets us apart from anyone else?

Unlike other services we pride ourselves in the product research process and believe that apart from anything else your product is your most valued asset. We are extremely selective in the products we choose and are willing to work endlessly until we’re confident the store we provide for you has a lasting impression on anyone that sees it.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you place an order my manager will be in contact with you to schedule our first session in a time that suits the two of us

Absolutely, the program is welcome to all knowledge sets as I can help provide guidance for those that have never heard of dropshiping and to those that are doing well but would like to learn how to scale there there business

There are 3 bundles; the first one being the 2 week program($247), 5 week program($497), and lastly 10 week program($894)

The only difference between all bundles is the duration that we work together. The knowledge and guidance you obtain from me is the same across the three.