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Within this webinar I tried to keep it as transparent as possible and really bring to the table as much value as I could within the time that I had. As you guys are probably figuring out, e-commerce itself consist of a TON of concepts and strategies. With that being said I attempted to gather some of the most important things you’ll need to know when beginning your journey within this space.

Continue to absorb as much knowledge as you can before rushing into something you are just finding out about. As I mentioned within the video, my mentorship program is available to apply to below where we’d be working 1-1 weekly via calls. The calls are structured to help you understand the fundamentals and slowly work off of them, progressing to more conceptual material.

If you payed close attention my eCom Simualtion Course & Facebook Simualtion Course are $100 OFF with code “ebook100”
The eCom Simulation is a complete step by step guide on how to start and mange a store from scratch using Facebook ads. While the Facebook Simulation Course is completely dedicated to Facebook ads and encompasses all my strategies with a bunch of tips and tricks.


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